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PUBLIC RELATIONS There is little point in achieving your goals if other people do not know about them. Quadra will create a personal PR and marketing plan for each driver or sportsperson, with full on and off-event support if needed.

Enhancing your image is an important tool to career progression. By using our extensive network of international media contacts, both within the sport and outside it, we will aim to increase your exposure through targeted channels. Our coaching service will teach you how to present yourself to the best of your abilities, but central to our philosophy is the idea of building up a strong and assertive identity for each person.

We will conceive, create and manage multi-language websites and press packs, or if necessary, re-design and enhance existing ones. We can provide the crucial introductions that could lead to big opportunities in the future. In order to expand your international appeal, we will give you all the tools that you need to be media aware.