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MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING Motorsport these days is so complex, with so many choices, that it is virtually impossible to go it alone. Quadra’s approach means that it can be what you want it to be. Whether that is full management or just consultation is entirely up to you. In either case, Quadra will give full backing to your career and create opportunities for you to emphasise your talent.

There are also a number of highly complex international legal and contractual issues arising out of driver employment and sponsorship. With our experience of dealing with contracts and business plans at every level of the sport – from karting to Formula 1 – we are ideally placed to become your closest and most trusted advisers.

LEGAL SERVICES Quadra Sports offers a full range of legal services, using highly experienced and qualified lawyers from a variety of different backgrounds.

In particular, Quadra has years of experience in contract drafting and negotiation on behalf of drivers, teams, sponsors and federations. We will also address any legal issues regarding sponsorship and funding.

In addition, our legal team also has considerable expertise in the business side of hospitality arrangements at motor sport events, together with all relevant health and safety issues. We maintain a close association with top international insurers for all matters relating to personal injury, accident damage and third party liability.